Monday, November 05, 2007

The Amazing Race

While this episode may have been called Donkeys have souls, it was more about being bitten on the ass by karma than anything else.

I was thrilled that the latest edition of the Race started last night, and so far our Goth Couple (Kynt & Vyxsin) have completely won me over. Besides being who they want to be, no apologies, it was the " we are little Goth energizer bunnies" comment that got me, and wish them the best on the Race.... I am still curious what their passport photos must look like and what kind of reactions they will get in some more conservative areas of the world, but that's one of the things that makes the Race so great. I wonder if they will be able to maintain their look as the Race progresses and they have less time to prep... time will tell.....

Going back to the karma business... the team that stole a cab in round one got ousted, and that is karma... hopefully lessons have been learned and the other teams will play nice as it is usually the more positive teams that go far in this competition. I was still in awe as I watched some of the team already go into meltdown mode (already!!) and the Race has just begun.... go Goths go !