Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Dancing with the Stars - Week 8

Things heated up even more on the dance floor this week, and although they didn't get that perfect score (damn you Carrie Ann) Mel's Mambo with Maks was hot hot hot. No one else left in the competition can match the chemistry between these 2 and they are always a pleasure to watch.

Helio & Julianne did a great job and even got the encore with their Quickstep, although I have to agree that Helio did look like a big banana.
His kiss at the end of the dance looked like a surprise for all including his partner.

I thought that Jennie was pretty mediocre this week, she is doing okay but not giving that wow factor that some of the other stars project so easily, Marie was ok... I think she did well considering all that is going on in her life at the moment and is always an entertainer. Cameron did his usual thing.... mostly looking good and wearing something slightly revealing (not that I am complaining) but you can tell how hard he is trying which is very admirable.
So after the first night, the dancers are pretty tight as far as scores go, and as we get around to finding out who is still in the competition I am not surprised that Marie is the first one announced as staying. Seriously, it would only take a call from the Osmonds (huge family that they are) to keep her in and I am happy for her, I don't think that she will win but at least she made it to the Top 4.
Finally we learn that Mel & Maks are still in (yahoo!), and then that long awkward pause, a few commercials and we learn the Jennie & Derek are still in and Cameron & Edyta are eliminated, leaving Helio the last man standing.
Thanks for playing Cameron, you were the best male eye candy this year but pretty sure it will be one of the ladies winning this year.