Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Dancing with the Stars - Week 9

It was the semi-finals, and the 4 remaining Stars pulled out all the tricks and flips in this all important penultimate round.
I have to give kudos again to Marie Osmond, not only is she still a great performer, but she has improved her technique as well and was pretty darn entertaining. How could you not like her? Her and Jonathon did a great Quickstep (almost perfect score damn you Bruno) and later their hot little Mambo, and you can see and feel how much fun she is having. Let's just say that thousands of Osmonds are behind her so you know she is in the Finale next week. I don't expect her to win but I congratulate her none the less.
Helio & hyper-competitive Julianne continued in the race to the finish, and put in 2 great performances, the Foxtrot and the ever popular Cha Cha Cha. I liked both and Helio is a huge surprise and very nimble for a race car driver. Not sure if he will win due to the " Who is he?" factor but the guy is working his ass off. The Judges love him to pieces and he gets perfect scores all the way around. Of course they will be in the finale.

Mel and Maks were just too hot again. I love the chemistry between these 2 (and bet they could have beautiful babies) and hit a perfect score with their amazing Viennese Waltz. We got to see Maks tortured by the Spice Girls (who all seemed a little smitten with him I'll have to say) and then they brought down the house with another Paso Doble. Mel with a whip certainly inspired most of the guys there and she was a knock out in her Velour suit- hot hot hot. They get another perfect score and I am ecstatic when I hear they will be in the finals next week. I can hardly wait and hope that Mel wins, she is a goddess.

Jennie finally broke the ice and let her self go, but a tad late. She finally got that perfect score that she was waiting for with a nice Cha Cha Cha after getting a decent score on her Tango. If she had better chemistry with her partner Derek should probably would have made the finals but someone has to go, and Jenny doesn't have the family power that Marie has. She did a great job and should be proud of how far she went.