Friday, November 30, 2007

Bionic Woman - Do Not Disturb

So if the rumor mill is correct, this is probably the last episode of the series.... and all I can really say is that I am not surprised. They just have not been able to get any decent stories or make the characters interesting enough that people want to watch. Let's take a look at the last episode just to see why...

Jamie and gang do a bit of wake for Antonio (good riddance), lots of awkward moments and Jamie is all bummed.

Jamie uses her bionics in public to stop dude on a motorcycle, the special effects are most unspecial.

Jonas shows up at her apartment with whiney sister... more blah blah and they are sent off to deliver briefcase and take some time off.

Stupid code words about the A Team with junkie contact/assassin.... said ass then ODs in the same hotel and Jamie has to check things out.

Irritating sister meets guy, Jamie finds out she is supposed to kill this guy's father as he is the evil terrorist selling nuclear technology. Since when is the Bionic Woman supposed to be a killer? more stupid writing and they wonder why the series is tanking...

Anyways is was just another terrible episode, the concepts and "re-invention" of the character are so far off the original concepts that it is no surprise it fails. Someone should take these writers out and shoot them. Rumor has it that Katee Sackhoff doesn't even want to return as the villain (smart move there) but I have a better idea, do a final team up, let Jamie be killed and the Sarah character can take over as a rogue agent, and she can take down and destroy the stupid Berkut group. Just a thought.